Meet the Team

Kelly McLaughlan, CEO brings over twenty years of Systems Engineering and Computer Consulting experience to KME Internet Marketing, having worked for many National and Global Information Technology clients as an Engineer and Program Manager with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Coopers & Lybrand, and Electronic Data Systems. Kelly has a Finance Degree (Finance, Accounting, Marketing) from James Madison University in Virginia. In the past several years managing online marketing, advertising and information technology efforts for local, regional and national clients, Kelly has helped deliver professional advice and services from mult-million dollar PPC campaigns to startup media and communications campaigns. Kelly is a certified Systems Engineer, Google Adwords Certified Professional, and a Virgina Realtor.

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Ted McLaughlan, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Technology Officer (CMTO) Advisor, Enterprise Information Technology and Online Marketing Media, provides outside experience from over 25 years delivering professional Internet Information Management and Technology consulting to local, national and global clients – 2 years at University of Virginia’s Health Sciences Center, 4 years at Electronic Data Systems (EDS), 14 years with Accenture, Senior Solution Architect with Blackstone Technology Group, Director of Technical Solutions with NavigationArts, Homeland Security IT Consulting to CSC, and most recently as Federal Enterprise Architect with Oracle. Ted holds professional certifications as a Systems Engineer and IT Enterprise Solution Architect, focusing on Internet Information Management and Architecture, Interactive Digital Web Content Management, Online Social Media, Internet Marketing and Affiliate Management. Ted is also an Appointed Advisory Commissioner to the Loudoun County Economic Development Commission, focusing on Marketing and Business Retention for the County.

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Chris Earp, Digital Marketing Analyst, is a recent graduate of George Mason University, bringing Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Optimization experience to KME and our clients. Chris has worked in these capacities in New York City, London, and here in Fairfax. His experience ranges from marketing startups to non-profits and law firms. Chris maintains three Google digital marketing and advertising certifications (Adwords, Advanced Search and Advanced Display).