Online Marketing, Web Design and Technology Results

Our Marketing, Web Design & Analytics, plus Information Technology results span hundreds of clients, over nearly a decade of direct service. Be sure to check out a partial list of our current and past clients, plus a sampling visual portfolio below. Many more client perspectives and results are available on request, across all industries, all company types and sizes.

We’re extremely focused on business and mission results, and heavily leverage traffic, outreach and performance analytics to monitor and demonstrate success, in reporting and visualization manners that make sense to our clients, their investors and stakeholders. We are Northern Virginia’s most successful boutique marketing firm, providing consistently spectacular results and meeting all client expectations and requirements.

Business results and objectives include:

  • Financial Return on Investment (ROI), by campaign, or trending over time
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO – of technology and marketing services, assets and agreements)
  • Revenue growth, market share, competitive positioning
  • Integrated marketing expense cost control
  • Partner and employee retention, satisfaction, productivity
  • Audience interaction and satisfaction
  • Community, social media and online reputation
  • Search engine results, rankings, visibility
  • Mission and brand performance, outreach, exposure
  • Paid advertisement metrics, in clicks, impressions, conversions
  • Technology and digital content performance, availability, security, usability
  • Segmented customer, demographic and business activity success