Optimized, Localized, Amplified and Socialized Press Releases

The venerable press release, as an email or notice delivered to a select group of media publishers and reporters, hasn’t gone away – but the most effective press releases are now fully optimized into an integrated marketing and communications infrastructure.

This infrastructure includes your company’s online website and email channels, public social media and news outlets, and KME’s unique, proprietary network of local and regional web content delivery channels – the only fully-optimized, independent regional business marketing content network in Northern Virginia.

In short, we can deliver your message or announcement to more people on the Internet – far beyond the reach of traditional press releases, and beyond the capabilities of any single online press release service, PR company, demographic magazine or local newspaper.

Optimized Social Press Release Case Study

An international energy management and consulting firm recently decided to “get the word out” about a serious energy-related issue, along with the firm’s position on associated policy and their own capabilities to help clients. The firm executed its traditional methods – hiring a writer and PR firm, sending some emails, buying an online press release and updating their website. The results were traditional – an initial slight bump in traffic, some brief exposure in the news, no legitimate new demand.

We took on the challenge to inject more value into the press release process, to help out the traditional PR firm and original author, and to get better, more integrated results from the overall marketing investment.

The written material was fully optimized for target keywords, metadata and multimedia, and re-published as a highly searchable landing page on the firm’s website. The rest of the firm’s website was re-optimized to now support this new content. Extracts and modified copy highlighting this news was properly socialized and amplified across both the major Internet and industry channels (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Industry forums), and throughout KME’s proprietary network of industry news sites, social media channels, and advertising domains. Very local emphasis was added to align the national message with the firm’s local interests and stakeholders, here in Washington DC.

Our results were spectacular – tens of thousands of brand new and referred impressions, a huge bump in website traffic, many more follow-ups and subscribers, more “buzz” in the industry community, and more longevity to the material in the search engines and major news sites such as Forbes.

Instead of “dying on the vine”, this firm’s new press release shot out of the gate, multiplied and scored multiple home runs…a result that really isn’t anything new to KME clients.