Event Promotions & Grand Openings

Hosting an event requires an enormous amount of preparation. The details that go into making an event successful are countless and demand constant attention as well as hours of hard work before, during and after. When the dust finally settles and the event is ready to begin, the only thing left to do is wait for the guests to arrive. If your event is promotional and requires marketing efforts beforehand, the success of that event is dependent upon how well you promoted the event. If your event is more structured, you begin to deal with designing invitations and handling RSVP’s. Either way, there is a side to event promotions that most people find less than glamorous, but KME Internet Marketing is here to help.

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Promoting your event, whether it is a product launch or sale, relies on the ability to generate a buzz around the target market. Creating an effective strategy to promote the event requires time, creative thinking and hard work. In the end, the goal is conversion, and by utilizing our experience and knowledge of the event industry, we strive to create brand loyalty and lifetime customers for your business.

Few things can be as exciting as launching a brand new storefront business. Countless hours have been spent on every single detail of the decor, layout, the training of new employees, not to mention the product you are selling. Months, if not years, have gone into preparing for this day and you have done everything imaginable to ensure absolute perfection when a customer enters your store. The amount of time that goes into opening a new store is overwhelming enough without the responsibility of creating a truly effective campaign to alert the public. KME Internet Marketing is here to take the responsibility of publicizing your grand opening to ensure that your business will see the foot traffic it needs to make your first day a success.

By generating a buzz through local media outlets and social media platforms, your store will begin to gain the recognition it needs to become a staple in the local community. We will work to create consumer loyalty for your brand so that the first time they visit your store will not be the last time. While the grand opening of your store is sure to be an incredible occasion, we are here to help you think about long-term success.

KME Internet Marketing has the experience to successfully promote your event or grand opening and give you the opportunity to create a memorable event for everyone involved.