Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

Immediate, Highly Targeted Visibility

Reach previously unobtainable audiences with Pay-Per-Click advertising: extend your online marketing to areas and keywords that you otherwise couldn’t reach. By utilizing PPC advertisements, your business can get its message directly in front of relevant searchers immediately, without having to wait for their organic SEO.

PPC advertisements work very well for different use cases, when purchased through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other pay-per-click ad networks. We’ve worked them all, including major coupon sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and Specialicious.

KME’s team of Google-certified PPC experts hand-craft campaigns to fit the needs of individual clients: from hyper-local and specific targeting to broader, national reach, our pay-per-click ad strategies have proven effective in generating higher volumes of search traffic and increased sales. For those interested in managing their own campaigns, we offer PPC consulting services; providing our experience and guidance to those who want to learn.

Our PPC advertising services all begin the same way: research. Our PPC specialists analyze your website and your business to determine which keywords should be targeted in your campaign. We utilize broad math, phrase match, and exact match keywords, as well as negative keywords, to create relevant ads that receive the most exposure.

Since you only pay when your ad is clicked, the cost you pay for each click is critical to meeting your budget. KME manages proactive keyword bidding to make sure you’re getting the most out of your PPC dollar. By continually monitoring the progress of your campaign we’re able to identify trends as the emerge, and adjust your keywords and your bids appropriately.

Couple your pay-per-click campaign with our other search engine marketing strategies to create a well-rounded and diverse online marketing effort, or use PPC advertising to quickly and effectively get your message in front of consumers.